4 Best New Gmail Features And How to Use Them


In Old-time without Yahoo, people didn’t understand anything. And now it’s time for Google’s mail service Gmail. Here is some New Gmail Features but one burden of finding people who don’t have an account. However, one of the reasons behind Gmail popularity is because of all those features exist that users like. Experts say many do not know all the features of Google. For example, calls can be made from Google. But many do not know about this service.

Some of New Gmail’s unknown features :

 1:WhatsApp, Messenger and Google services can be called from this service. 

  • For this, you have to download the app called ‘Google Talk’.
  • Then click the bottom left of the inbox.
  • Then type the number you want to call.
  • And you can easily call from Gmail.

2:   Many people forget that the message is sent. Then you think in your mind if you could come back. 

  • Yes. It can be done within 5 seconds of sending an email,
  • An option called ‘Undo’ disappears on the mobile, laptop or computer screen.
  • Send the wrong mail once you click on that option then send mail will be returned to the sender.

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3:  Many Gmail add-ons can be worked together.

  •  To do this, first, click on the Add Account button.
  • Then type the second email ID and password and press enter.
  •  And then another Gmail will open in a separate tab.
  • This way three to four add-ons can be made.

4: Access a  large number of mails per day to the user’s account. 

Nowadays, we receive a lot of emails daily but not all of them are needed. A lot of unnecessary mail comes too. In that case, it is best to sort the mails as needed. But that method has to be known.

  • In that case, first, Open Gamil App,
  • Then go to Inbox,
  • And at the right side, there will be a star, click on it, if it converts to yellow star, that means email is added to favorites.


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