How to Automatically Delete Google Location and All Activities in Google Chrome

Automatically delete all activities

The internet has certainly become a place where we spend our time getting entertainment in the form of audio and visuals. Not only that but we also easily get information through the internet and you can also Automatically Delete Activities in Google Chrome.

All sites that we visit through the Google Chrome browser are stored in the “History” menu found in this browser

But maybe too often we don’t want others to see what you’ve been looking for through this browser. Either for privacy reasons or whatnot. Here are new Gmail features.

So to avoid this we need to delete the history of Google Chrome.  But did you know that there is a way to delete this history automatically?

Here we have found an easy way to delete history automatically in Google Chrome, see how below:

Steps to Automatically Delete Activities in Google Chrome:

1: Login to your Google Account :

Login to your Google account by going to the Google website (

2: Go to Data & personalization Page:

From the four menus, select the “Privacy & personalization” menu and you will go to the “Data & personalization” page.

3: Open “Manage your activity control” :

In this menu, there are plenty of options that are quite confusing, but you don’t have to scroll down. All you have to do is click the “Manage your activity control”, sub-menu in the “Activity Control” option box.

4: Open “Manage Activity”:

You will go to the “Activity Control” page and simply press the “Manage Activity” option in the “Web & App Activity” option box.


Web Activity

5: Open Choose to delete automatically:

After you enter the next page, you only need to select the “Choose to delete automatically” menu.

6: Select your time to delete Web and App Activities:

You will get a pop-up that gives you the option to specify how much longer your browser history will be deleted. You can choose after 3 months or no later than 18 months.

Desire time

Automatically Delete Google Web Activity Video Tutorial :

Here is a video tutorial of how you can automatically delete all your activities from Google Chrome.

If you want Google to stop from keeping your activities, you can also turn the tracking off under Web & App Activity Section. It’s also on user for how long he wants Google to hold his all Activities.

I hope this tutorial helped you.


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