Computer Tells Happily A Smile from Phonies

Is that person happy to see me? Or is he just being polite? Some people have a hard time distinguishing a grin with just a happy smile. And computers have found this task very difficult, that is, until researchers have investigated to determine when a smile is genuine.

Computer-based researchers at Bradford University in the U.K. began with a program to explore changing forms. The program can view video of a human head and identify other features around the eyes, cheeks and mouth. The program then follows the details of moving one another in the face with a smile.

Next, the scientists created their own program and watched two sections of the video. In one word, the lessons that were done were interesting. In the other, he watched a movie that showed genuine interest. The program calculated the differences between the experiences the subjects experienced in these changes. And it turns out that your mouth, cheeks, and eyes respond in different ways to your anger.

In particular, the nerve around the eyes moves 10 percent more with a genuine smile than it does on a liar. These results are in the magazine Advanced Information Informatics.[HassanUgailndiAhmadAl-dahoud[HassanUgailandAhmadAl-dahoud[HassanUgailndiAhmadAl-dahoud[HassanUgailandAhmadAl-dahoudA genuine smile looks into the eyes of Computers]

Researchers say that their work can improve the ability of computers to analyze faces and communicate with one another. But what he does best is to convince Tyra Banks: “You have to smile with your eyes.”

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