Deepfake Technology

Deep Fake

There are certain things that when men’s thoughts about that will get into a spiral Circular where he will drowning deep and deep for finding results. Deep fake technology is one of these. Where certain new things are adding each day. here the question arises how experts make people fool with their works and mingle the voice of popular persons with the others. The answer is “Deepfake Technology”.

What is Deepfake?

deep fake technology

Deepfake technology makes the mindset of the normal person into a very complicated problem. He cannot compare real with the fake and at last, will have faith in fake things. Even those persons that are more populous to people will become victimized of this technology.

DeepFake Relation With Artificial Intelligence(AI):

The word deepfake combines the terms “deep learning” and “fake,” and is a form of artificial intelligence. In computer and IT languages. It takes a few steps to make a face-swap video. First, you run thousands of face shots of the two people through an AI algorithm called an encoder. The encoder finds and learns similarities between the two faces, and reduces them to their shared common features, compressing the images in the process. A second AI algorithm called a decoder is then need to learn to recover the faces from the compressed images…

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This innovation has properly raised worries about security and character. On the off chance that our countenances can be made by an algorithm, would it be conceivable to reproduce considerably more subtleties of our advanced character or characteristics like our voice – or even make a genuine body twofold? Deepfakes are fake videos of others created using machine learning. BBC My World presenter Radzi Chinyanganya tries out the latest techniques.Deep Fake

Camera apps have become increasingly sophisticated. Users can elongate legs, remove pimples, add on animal ears and now. Some can even create false videos that look very real. Using AI techniques one can easily trap by these fake softwares.

why people will need to use Fake Technologies. There is a great number of people that will use it for cost. Some of them use it for downing the reputation of others. Some of them use it for fun and personnel work.

How you will Spot this will be done by Deepfake Technology?

There is a big question arises that of how people differentiate between real and fake. For this, you need a very skillful person who has some experience in AI and machine learning. Because in their some rules and algorithms are involving that are not understood by a normal person. So a high Professional and well-talented expert is needed for this job.Deep Fake with Ranmbo

Poor-quality deepfakes are easier to spot. The lip-synching might be bad, or the skin tone patchy. There can be flickering around the edges of transposed faces. In the last month, the deep fake detects by Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Though it takes too much time, now no one can upload the fake videos on Facebook and Instagram.

With deepfakes, the mischief-making is only likely to increase. As Henry Ajder, head of threat intelligence at Deeptrace puts it:

“The world is becoming increasingly more synthetic. This technology is not going away.”




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