Top 4 Easy Ways to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android Mobile


WhatsApp has a variety of features, one of which is video and audio calls. However, the application is not supported by the video or audio recording feature for security purposes and reduces the risk of abuse with call recording. So here we bring top four easy ways to Record WhatsApp Calls on your Android Mobile Phone.

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Therefore, most users choose to look for other alternatives that can be used free of charge. One of them is the Cube Call Recorder application. As reported from the Techzim page, here are four easy ways to record WhatsApp calls on Android:

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4 Easy Ways to Record WhatsApp Calls:

1. Install the Cube Call Recorder application. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store.

2. Open WhatsApp and make a call, then the application widget will appear on the phone screen indicating that the application is recording a call. If the widget does not appear, then tap the microphone icon manually in the Cube Call Recorder application.

3. In some cases, the recording does not have audio from the receiver or caller side. To fix this, select the menu and open “Record”. Change the “VoIP Recording” audio source to “Microphone”.

4. In addition to WhatsApp calls, this application can also be used to record cellular calls.

Easy right? Good luck!



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