Five Ways to fast slow computer


Computer Slow, Fast Seven Ways

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Information desk, MangoTV: New computer purchased. After working for several days, the PCT is no longer as fast. It’s slow. I cannot open many tabs and work together. The program is delayed to open. Fast Computer Speed  is the need of every user who worked in an office or at home.

In this case, easily doing seven tasks will allow your PC to work with speed as before. The tips are straightforward.

The first thing that comes Fast Computer Speed is the RAM and processor and its compatible motherboard. That is, speed can be increased by increasing the RAM and updating the processor. But if they are all right. Then follow the next seven steps.

Steps of Fast Computer Speed :

Computer Slow, Fast Seven Ways

First Step: Clean Out Startup Program: To do this, first go to the taskbar, right-click on the task manager and open the task manager and start the startup option to stop unnecessary programs. (Such as turn off programs you are not using)

Computer Slow, Fast Seven WaysStep Two: Get Out of Startup Service: Go to Task Manager and open the Service menu and close the unnecessary program.

Computer Slow, Fast Seven WaysStep 3: Uninstall unprocessable programs: Go to Start menu and control programs and uninstall any unnecessary software or programs in the feature menu.

Computer Slow, Fast Seven WaysStep 4: Scan with antivirus: If you do not have the above problems, scan your drives well.

Computer Slow, Fast Seven WaysStep five: Dazzle Windows Animation: Windows Animations make extra use of our computer’s RAM and processor. As a result, the computer is slow. To disable the animations.

Computer Slow, Fast Seven Ways

Step six: Keep everything updated: Keep everything updated on the computer and check the notification.

Computer Slow, Fast Seven WaysStep 7: Check Power Settings: Those who use laptops. If you have the power saver mode on, turn it off and select the hyper-performance menu.

Following the above procedure, the computer will be fast if there is no serious problem. It can also do the job faster.

 Faster the Speed Of Your PC and Computers:

The steps are as follows:

  1. Close system tray programs

  2. Stop programs running on startup

  3. Update your OS, drivers, and apps

  4. Delete unnecessary files

  5. Find programs that eat up resources

  6. Adjust your power options

  7.  Uninstall programs you don’t use

  8. Turn Windows features on or offturn-windows-features-acashtech

  9. Run a disk cleanup

Go to My Computer and right-click the hard drive (by default named WINDOWS (C:) though you may have renamed it). Then go to Properties>Tools and under Optimize and defragment drive, click Optimize.


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