How to Hide WhatsApp Number from Everyone in 2019

Hide Whatsapp

The popular social messaging app WhatsApp could not hide its number so long. One user can easily find another user’s number, but nowhere is a way to hide Whatsapp Number from Everyone :

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How? Find out the simplest method:
Tips to hide Whatsapp Number from Everyone :
  • First, choose a mobile number that you want to keep secret.
  • Now uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone. 
  • Remove the old SIM card from the phone that does not use the special, but from the phone. 
  • Fill it with another phone so you can check the SMS number on that number.
  • Now fill in the new SIM card on the device. 
  • Download and install WhatsApp again. Just like how to register with a phone number. 
  • But type the old number there. One-time password or OTP number will arrive at the other phone that has filled the SIM. 
  • After logging in, log in.
  • Then turn off that phone number.
  • Voila, no one will know your new number.
  • Because your previous number will show on WhatsApp. 
  • As a result, voice calls are blocked.


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