How to apply for Insaf Imdad Package? (Complete Guide)

At various times of the Come Medi 19, most people have to study the cement regions with plans in the countries of Pakistan.

The country’s health officials have been preparing for the Islampool or Health Group investigation for weeks, and the process is starting at various locations across the country, a senior official looks at Islamabad’s Gulf News.

“There was a big check, most people in the central areas will be helped to check,” he said. More can be verified with less verification.

Cold Under-19 has an estimate on the screen of a large number of people,

A building, or a number of people in an area had to gather in one section from a roadblock. It has been merged into Toby and fully tested using real-time polymerase chain (RTPRC) technology.

On inspection, if a general negative situation arises as a result of sampling after presentation, all parts of the pool are cleaned. If not, each coronavirus can be tested individually to identify the most susceptible individuals. Officials said that as a result of its testing strategy, not every independent insect kit is needed. In addition, it puts pressure on users, does not require a large number of test kits, helps to detect virus waxes, especially does not detect trash, and in the end it detects viruses. Can help.

With the CEMAT investigation, 220 million people check the pool for Pakistan. About 5,305,800 people have been screened in the country, of which only 32,674 Covid-19 cases have been screened so far. The coronavirus has caused 724 deaths and 8,555 deaths. There are currently around 10,000 checks coming in every day. The number of pool checks has increased by four.

Pool testing in Germany
Earlier, stimulus results came from Germany and some North American countries. In Germany, samples from 50 patients were matched at the Red Cross Blood Donor Service in Frankfurt. About 19 people are examined and about 19 people are examined, according to the medical online medical journal, Science.

According to Health Europa, which provides information on European health policies, a team of scientists in Germany will investigate what is called a “new method”.

It helps in the development of developmental coronavirus testing and identification.

The first sample poll examines well-installed and safe processing in blood banking and now, the practice has been tested and tested for the use of carotenoids diagnostics by the University of Virology team, it is reported. .

Pool testing for Covid-19
Pool check, a lot of people can be told about the use of women identifying the salute website that it was with a trip and vacation. If only pool results are affected, this requires individual examination of the samples. The pool is checked when the infection rate is low and only works with a few people.

“More deaths from coronavirus have protected groups whose virus is being interpreted,” said Siggren Smola, a professor of virology at the University of Sri Lanka and director of the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital of Sierra Leone. Staff and their supervision.


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