How to Avoid from hackers


What do you do to avoid hacking?

Another factor that makes us think in this era of information technology is hacking. Nowadays, many individuals and organizations are suffering from hacking. Many lose their personal and vital information. There is a proverb in Bengal, "Resistance is better than cure." So there is no alternative to awareness to avoid hacking. What to do to avoid it? The only thing you need is to use Different Hacking Avoidance Tools. Today myangotibhira pathakedera is given below for some way to get rid of hacking.
Use strong passwords
In a word, first, use a strong password. Create a password of 1 or more digits, using upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters (@, #, $,%, -, _). Don't use the same password across multiple accounts. Change regular passwords.
Turn on Factor Authentication in Accounts
Turn on two-factor authentication in your online accounts. This will allow hackers to access your account even if they know your password. Unless you have submitted a security code sent to your phone. Often hackers try to capture user names and passwords through fake login pages. Which is known as phishing? So before logging in to an online account, make sure you check the web address if it is real.
Don't give pictures to strangers
Do not give personal information online (such as pictures, addresses, birthdates, etc.) to strangers
Always be careful with e-mail
Always be wary of spam e-mails. Many times cybercriminals send out alluring and attractive emails where you say you have won the lottery, make a living at home, offer jobs, discount on products, helpers, unpaid invoices, etc. They can take your money, personal and sensitive information or infect malware on your device. Tries So never open spam emails like this. Be careful about making friends with strangers through social media. Different Hacking Avoidance Tools, Verify that his profile is original.
Use antivirus software
Use good quality antivirus software that provides good quality Internet security services. Update antivirus software regularly. Avoid using free antivirus. Use the anti-ransomware tool to avoid ransomware. Do not use your computer's administrator account for regular use. Open a guest account that has some limited benefits and use it.
Keep all security software enabled
Keep all security software on your device active. Such as firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware. After use turns off WiFi, Bluetooth. Do not turn on unnecessarily. Use the latest version of the operating system and all the software used, especially security patches. Software makers shut down these roads by releasing updated versions. So always keep your device updated.
 Different Hacking Avoidance Tools
Avoid giving your smartphone to strangers. Select WPA 2 encryption of your WiFi access point. Don't click on ads that are attractive or colorful. Often hackers get trapped by these phishing or virus attacks. Use Adblocker to prevent this. Do not click on a popup box when you suddenly open it while using the Internet. This may cause malware to be installed on your device. Use a popup blocker to prevent it.
Do not download anything from unknown sources on the Internet.
Avoid using pirated software. This type of software often has a backdoor installed by hackers to steal information stored on your device. Avoid storing passwords in web browsers. Especially when you're browsing on another computer or a computer that has multiple users. Be sure to log out when you're done. Be careful about using public WiFi. Do not work on social media, email, or banking if connected to public WiFi networks. If you want to use it exclusively, connect and use a good quality VPN. Put in the password  Put the BIOS password on your computer. So that no one else can use your computer. Use a screen lock on a smartphone. Lock the screen of your smartphone with a password, PIN or pattern. Lock / logout the corresponding device or account after use. Keep backups of the files you need on a secure pen drive or removable hard disk or cloud backup service. Keep Macro Disable in Microsoft Office and turn off the Windows operating system AutoRun feature. Do not plug in unfamiliar Pendrive or external drive. If you want to do it privately then make sure it is safe after scanning with antivirus.

Different Types Of hacking:

You should also need to familiar with the hacking types:
  • OWASP Zed
It is also called ZAP, this is one of the highly preferred tools by hackers. This program can be used to detect any type of vulnerabilities in your web applications
  •  Metaspoilt
This tool offers a wide range of features that can be used to exploit network vulnerabilities and create a backdoor.
  • John The Ripper
This tool is used to detect passwords and credential documents. This tool works by taking text string samples from a wordlist
  • Wireshark
this is an open-source and offers a wide variety of features. Wireshark is a packet analyzer tool that you can use for troubleshooting networks and software protocol development.
  • Cain & Abel
It is generally called Cain, a very famous hacking tool used for the password recovery system.
  • Aircrack-ng
These hacking tools are frequently used in wireless networks and captured their important data.
  • Maltego
Maltego could be your best friend. This tool is very effective in assisting you while dealing with data breaches.
  • THC Hydra
This is a network login password cracking tool that is highly effective. THC Hydra is a stable and fast hacking program which is why it has been labeled as one of the best hacking tools. It has a wide range of protocols such as Databases, Mail, SMB, LDAP, SSH, VNC, and several others.
  • Nikto
This type of tool is used to detect and track any type of web server vulnerabilities. Different Hacking Avoidance Tools are used to get rid of the hacking. I think you are now familiar with hacking tools as well as their avoidance. Expensive Apple Mac Pro Cost

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