How to learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Tricks


Those who have some experience while editing or make their pictures interesting and unique need to use adobe photoshop. Adobe is a very big company that gives you some interesting software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe fonts, Adobe Behance and many others. All you can get it by just download or install Adobe Creative Cloud. You can learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator by following steps.

Learn Adobe Photoshop And Illustrator:

Here in this article, you can learn different steps and techniques through which you will gain more skills and techniques. These are as follows:

Draw Vector Graphics:

You can learn this technique by drawing vector graphics. By this, your image will be more attractive and looking smart. By using vector graphics technique when you will zoom out the pictures then its pixels will not be disturbed. So this is the main benefit of vector-based image. In this Illustrator training course, I will not be drilling down in detail how each feature works. However, I will be covering all the essential tools that are commonly used so that you can get started and have a feel of how an illustrator works. At 30 days you will be able to draw illustrations, design your logos and create special effects with this Illustrator training course!

  • Menu bar (at the exceptionally top) shows the File, Edit, and different menus that give you access to an assortment of directions, alterations, settings, and boards.
  • Tool panel board (on the left) contains apparatuses for making and altering fine art. Comparative apparatuses are assembled. You can get to them by clicking and holding an instrument in the Tools board.
  • Panels (on the right) incorporate Properties, Layers, and different boards that contain an assortment of controls for working with craftsmanship. You can locate a full rundown of boards under the Window menu.
  • Document window (in the center) shows the record you’re as of now chipping away at. Numerous open reports show up as tabs in the Document window.

Drawing With Pen Tools:

By using Adobe illustrator you will make new shapes and designs by using Pen Tools. With it, you can create and edit anchor points that make up the path. You’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing with precision using the Pen tool, to create straight and curved paths.

Remove Background In Adobe Photoshop:

Many people make their images more interesting and unique that no one understands that is it real or editing. Someone make changes in their picture by adding masks or make it more bright. Some used Background changes, i.e. They change their background and it looks like they are standing in that place.  In the picture below you will understand what I want to say?

So how you can remove this background and make it more interesting Follow these steps.

  • Select that image you want to change its background
  • Choose the magnetic Wand tools and click on a white background to select it, to add selection area hold “shift key” and click on the portion which you want to add in selection.
  • Now go on the “Select” menu and click on the inverse. so it will inverse the selection.
  • Now you need to refine the edges of your pictures. This is a refined edge panel. I’m changing the view mode from “black & white” to “on black.”
  • If you want certain changes in your pic you need to use Erase Tools and correct the selection.
  • You can see here in layer panel a new layer is created with a layer mask.
  • Now see these transparent pixels here. To deal with it duplicate the layer by pressing CTRL + J.
  • Now you can put any background behind it

Add Gold Text Or Make text Logo:

This is very informative because in this technique you will understand how to write an attractive logo for your business or your products. You will write a text in a gold letter with a contrast to the black background color.

  1. Oen the new document in photoshop with a pixel of (1600 *800).
  2. You need to fill the color with black by click on the edit in the menu bar.
  3. Now click on the Text and choose your font and type either bold italic etc.
  4. Now you need to change the color of your text by selecting RGB values. or change it into white.
  5. If you want to transform your text then click on the transformer or its shortcut is “ctrl+T”
  6. Now make the copy of the text
  7. You can also color up your text by gradient overlay option.
  8. In the Color Picker, set the R-value to 247, the G value to 238, and the B value to 173
  9. And in the Color Picker, set R to 193, the G to 172 and B to 81. Then click OK:
  10. Now save the color by writing any name like gold color or any other.
  11. Select Bevel & Emboss by clicking directly on the effect’s name
  12. Now first reset it into default value and then select Chisel Hard
  13. Set the high light and shadow opacity to 75%. for further information click on the link below:

By following these steps and some other tutorials you will learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, by  Making unique text and logos and make your image background interesting.

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