How to Make Money By Playing PUBG MOBILE GAMES In 2019

Earn Money with PUBG

Currently, it is possible to earn money by playing the awesome shooting game PUBG MOBILE GAME. No need for too much work. Only if there is a mobile and internet.

Suppose you only have a mobile phone and you love playing PUBG GAME, you can make a lot of money from this PUBG game. But How?

Several channels have recently been created on this game on YouTube.

  • You can make money from this game by creating a Youtube gaming channel.
  • Upload a video of your game on that channel and manage the general ad and multiple ads on that video.

You can submit your video for multiple ads. Because a game’s video is up to 5 minutes. If you wish you can earn money by streaming live PUBG games with just one mobile. There is a separate application on YouTube for Mining Chemistry. All you have to do is go to YouTube and start playing PUBG Mobile on your mobile by turning on the live streaming option.

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You can play in combination with other games and YouTube if you like. This will increase your video views.


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