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Angle meter PR plus lets you measure an angle or opera. Note that you will be able to measure different types of opals. You can choose to measure the surface directly through the second mode, this makes it easier to measure the angle of the target at a distance of less than or less than a kilometer after you. Measure the angle with the aperture of the camera. This is a reference line, respectively, and the angles are measured when placing the display on your phone. You can also take measurements by showing the angles for later testing.

Make noticeable
1) Real-time display angle value value reference through the horizontal axis
2) To use mode 2 (mode 1 and mode 2).
3) Angle measurement support with camera mode.
3.1) You can shrink the screen and then look at the record store.
4) Support the ability to measure angles from the figure.
5) Graphic display by animation mode.
6) Show references from 0 to 90 degrees through the horizontal axis.
7) Calibrate the Cal options for accuracy.

An angle meter application is a device for measuring angles or inclinations. It has an arc of gravity between the two axes and it depends on the quality of the sensor.


Option to measure angles or operas at the relative level that is not parallel to the ground with the relative angle pattern.
Angle 0–180 or 0–360 with angle termination. Intervals.
Or 2 orientation axes. (Left / Right or Back / Forward your device)
Save recordings in the database, treat them as lists, lists or charts and have the option of getting a copy of the measurement history (as an XLS file or chart).
Image The ability to measure the angle of an object within an image through an image measurement screen.
Preview the image in preview mode or with details.
Custom Various customization options.


  1. Views on the user manual and privacy policy are available in the help section.

1- To open the navigation view, please swipe from left to right of the screen.

  1. For customization options, please see the settings screen.
  2. If you need more information about using this application or have any suggestions on how to improve this application, feel free to email us anytime.

E measurement method
Same angle: Rotate your device and read the angle.
Differences between the two angles: This mode is useful for calculating the tiller between 2 separate objects. Touch the angle meter bezel and adjust the angle first. Touch again to fix the other and see the difference between the angles.
Relevant angle: This mode is useful for measuring angles if the object is not parallel to the ground or even the surface. Touch the angle meter bezel to set the first part of the angle, then touch it again after turning your device to complete the measurement.
Bubble level: Place your instrument on the floor and measure the ground angle horizontally and vertically.

8) The support level meter allows you to measure the degree of inclination in the vertical plane and can take many shapes. The measurement of each axis is off the screen, which is still very easy to measure.

*** For additional measurements
1) Three models at the same level. Which consists of horizontal and vertical planes.
2) A warning sound when it is detected that the horizontal plane contains a measure. The angle of measurement in the plane is less than 1 degree (you can enable / disable it).
3) The display is always bright but it makes the task easier (you can enable / disable it).

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