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Many people spend extra money on fast internet and make expensive connections. But on the Internet, the speed does not seem to have any effect. What should be done in this case? Fox News reported in a report. The internet can be slow for various reasons, So here is some of way to Increase Your Internet Speed.

Many times you may not be able to use it even if there is enough connection speed. So first of all, we have to know if there is any problem in the subject.

Check Internet Speed:

If you suspect that you are spending money on the internet but are not getting the speed, then check the speed. Many times the Internet is not available for various reasons. Before taking any action in this regard, you need to make sure that you are getting the right speed through your tests.

  • You can check the speed of the internet from some websites. One of the best sources to test internet speed is (
  • You have to click on Begin Test by entering this website.
  • After a few seconds, you will know the speed of the internet.
  • However, before starting the test here, you should stop all other internet activities and just keep the website running. Otherwise, you may not get real results.
  • Any other gadgets in your home can use the Internet, so turn them off before testing.
  • If your Wi-Fi connection slows down the internet, you can also detect it through this test. For this, use the Internet once available through Wi-Fi connection.
  • Another time, check the speed of the Internet without wi-fi directly on the cable. Note whether there is a difference between the two.

Note down the Internet Speed results:

After comparing the speed of your internet connection, compare it with the speed of your internet service provider. If you get the speed you give them, you should understand that there is no connection problem.

  • You will need a faster connection to get up to speed.
  • If you do not get the required speed from the internet connection provider then you will understand that there is a problem with the connection.

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Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed:

If your internet connection speed is slower than the connector provider, then contact the internet connection provider. Let them know that you are not getting the actual speed they need to connect. Ask them to fix their connection if needed.

If the Wi-Fi speed is low then:

By checking the above method, if you are sure that the internet is coming to your home at sufficient speed but then the speed is reduced due to the Wi-Fi connection.

Router upgrade:

Many older routers provide slow Internet access. To overcome this limitation, a fast router is needed. In this case, check the speed of your router. If this is slower than your internet line then the router may need to be changed.

Position the router:

  • Try to place the router in the closest place on your digital device without any interruption.
  •  If you have a lot of heavy furniture in your home, put the router on them, not on them. This allows the router to connect to your devices seamlessly.
  • It is also advisable to place it in the middle of the house without having to put one end of the house.

Change the channel:

  • Know whether the frequency of your router is conflating with other device frequencies.
  • If your router uses 2.5 GHz frequency, then it is possible to connect with a cordless phone, microwave, Bluetooth, CCTV, etc. In this case, it is best to use a frequency of 5 GHz or different.

Avoid interruptions:

  • Many things can interfere with the router’s rapid communication with your device. These barriers include metal doors, aluminum structures, wall insulation, water tanks or aquariums, mirrors, halogen lights, glass, and concrete.
  • Install the necessary equipment or router where the obstacles are least.

Updates Softwares regularly:

  • The router and various software deployed to provide the internet are regularly upgraded.
  • The router and mobile device or PC software update with a little attention can be achieved a good speed of the Internet.


  • The extender is available to extend the Extender network.
  • You can use the Extender if you need to access the Internet remotely from your Wi-Fi router.

Use Tin Foil :

  • It is possible to amplify the signal outside the Wi-Fi router’s antenna, such as a dish antenna, or by using tin foil in some other way.
  • You can use it if other methods don’t work.

Beware of neighbors:

  • If your neighbor’s internet connection is stolen, using a neighbor may slow down your internet speed. So beware of neighbors.
  • Of course, it is also a good idea to have a few neighbors share a shared Internet and use it.

Increase security Use:

Some secure WPA / WPA2 for Wi-Fi internet except WEP. This will ensure security in using the Internet. It is also necessary to change your password regularly.

Hide password:

  • There is no need to enter your name and device details on Wi-Fi networks.
  • It’s better to use a symbolic name and a very secret password instead.

So here are the best ways to check and Increase Your Internet Speed, I hope this articles helps you a lot, Keep sharing!


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