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The insaf imdad Emergency Cash program is designed in the context of economic recovery that is experienced by people infected with the corona virus. Provides financial support for the program so he doesn’t go hungry.
The program includes 12 Million families. 12,000 per family, total budget 144 billion. SMS is the entry point of the campaign. From emergency cash to eligibility, people send to CNIC number 8171.

Fazal Ration Program Sports Emad. Insaf Emergency Administration Punjabi Emergency Emergencies. pk – http //
The growing Corona virus epidemic and the economic condition of the people is on the rise. Added up to 4000000. General chat lounge

A Punjab government spokesman said that the Prime Minister should request Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar.

He said that the Punjab government has so far consisted of 2.5 million people who can be identified, looking at them as part of the financial assistance under the “School Aid Package” and would not allow 12,000 people to meet each eligible person.

He said that based on the efforts of both the federal government and the Punjab government, the federal government’s “Ehsas program” and the Punjab government provide financial assistance to the needy under the subsidy package.

We will be paid the unit amount after 12 incidents after verification of documents, he added.

He added that those in need can submit applications till April 7. He said the application does not need to be submitted before January.

Both the federal government and the Punjab government provide assistance to people in need who provide the same child.
The Prime Minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is totally emotional and passionate and he wants to help everyone affected by the lockdown current virus.

Meanwhile, Punjab Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid, a loyalist of Chinese doctors and experts, met Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar in his office on Sunday and jointly tried to take samples from the corona virus. Cooperation was discussed.

According to a statement, the Chinese doctors had expressed satisfaction over the precautionary measures taken by the Punjab government and the treatment at government facilities.
During the meeting, Chinese doctors and patients’ nurses did not take any of the viruses they were experiencing and tested, and met with people concerned about ways to avoid them.

He called on the government to suspend Cuba and provide all possible assistance to end it.

Chief Minister Usman Bazdar and Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid ask Chinese doctors about various issues related to the virus.

“We will act on the advice and accommodation of Chinese doctors in this regard,” Bazdar told the meeting.

Meanwhile, Chinese doctor Qatar Mamong said that corona virus can spread in hot weather, which is not possible. Chinese loyalists offer an analysis of social distance, which can save many lives.

He has to consult a lockdown and after that period to ease the ban, he has to suggest another 28 days.

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