Make Money Online by Typing Names

By | November 29, 2020

Can you really make money by typing names? Are you really capable of working at home? Yes, you can make money typing names. Here is how.

make money online by typing names

I always typed people and companies because they were always needed on the internet. If I had to type all names of people I know I would have to write an article about each person I met. I might also write about their family and friends. This means that I would be writing about people who are dead, divorced or never had any children. Not a very good article I think.

The good news is that there is no such thing as dead, divorced or never had any kids. If you know someone’s phone number, I would be able to type that person’s name and have the information appear right next to it in the results.

Now this is what you would call a paid ad. You would sign up for an account at a search engine and the results would display in front of you. You can enter the person’s name and have all the information you want displayed.

Some people try to get a little extra money from this method but it just does not work. Some people say that the paid ad is too long and can take several minutes to get the information displayed. Other people say that there are too many ads and not enough data.

I tried this type of advertising in the past and my results were less than satisfactory. The information was not displayed immediately so if I wanted to see how much I was making I could have to wait quite a while. I would also have to wait until I had enough left over to buy myself a drink or lunch.

To make it easier on me, I used PayPal to accept payments for my services. This way I only had to do my research and enter the search terms and then the amount of the advertisement and I would be paid.

Do you want to make money online by typing names? Then check out the PayPal Method.

When I first started searching for ways to get extra cash, I found out that there are many websites that offer free advertising for websites. This works great but the amount of time you have to spend to do it is very limited. This is not a great choice when you consider that you will have to type all day long looking through websites. You could also spend time typing in only one or two key words.

There are also other options like using free search engines like Yahoo or Google. These are also pretty effective and are less time consuming but still take time to find the results you want. However, there are more results.

You can also try free online advertising sites like ClickBank. They are a great place to advertise with but they also have to pay you a fee for each ad that they send out.

You will also need to learn how to use these sites to get your website noticed. You must be creative when using the words that will describe your product and this means creating good content to market your website.

Once you master this part of your business you can make money online by typing names and you will make money with your site. It might take some time, especially if you are new to this method, but it will be well worth it. After you become more adept at it you can do it for hours at a time.