How to Play Like a Pro in PUBG MOBILE GAME in 2019


Nowadays a lot of people are playing PUBG mobile games. And we all want to have a ‘Chicken Dinner’ party at the end of the game. Today we will tell the readers of ACashTech that how to Play Like a Pro in PUBG MOBILE and we give some of the proven tips to get  ‘chicken dinner’ by using some simple methods.

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Tips to Play Like a Pro in PUBG MOBILE :

Here are 10 tips to Play Like a Pro in PUBG MOBILE for all PUBG lovers :

  1. One way you can follow when the Last Circle or Zone comes out or when there are only two to three players alive is to move around the edge of the circle so you can see the hidden or hidden Enemy.PUBG MOBILE
  2. When robbing anime, keep one in mind, do not stand in one place for a while, move when looted. By doing this you will avoid the Easy Target of others.
  3. A smoke grenade is a very effective thing. This will allow you to easily wash off your cravings, and in any bad situation, it will help you a lot. Keep a minimum of two to three smoke grenades.PUBG MOBILE
  4. When an anime is near you, always keep your target point high. This will kill the anime very quickly.
  5. It is important to use headphones or earphones when playing Pabji. This will allow you to find your anime very easily.
  6. Wait a few minutes before throwing the grenade. Then throw. This will not give you time to escape from the Enemy Grenade.
  7. Inside the game, try to always use a Jeep car. This will protect you from unforeseen attacks.PUBG MOBILE
  8. Avoid using a sniper rifle when the end zone is delivered. Try to keep two assault rifles near you.
  9. The enemy should not be attacked if outside the zone. This will make your position in Enemy very easy to find.
  10. Avoid wearing white and red clothes. Always try to read clothes of black or dark colors. This will make your anime easier to see.


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