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Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol. Samsung that founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938 as a trading company.

As everyone in this whole world familiar with the name of a very branded multinational company Samsung. Their equipment has got very much popularity in this running decade. Like you can see their smartphones and other electronics have got much popularity.

Samsung Electronics:

Let us first talk about Samsung mobiles that are an emerging mobile company. Their mobiles have got new functionality and new features over time and also have more efficient than their previous versions. They have made a series of mobiles like Samsung S1 S2 and now S10 up to so on and others like Galaxy A series. They also present note series as well.Samsung-Electronics-2019

Samsung Electronics is known for producing some world class products ranging from Semiconductors to LEDs, quantum dot TVs, and notebooks to the Android tablets. … From feature phones to Windows handsets and from smartphones running on Tizen OS to Android-based smartphones.

Like Mobiles, they have certain other equipment like LEDs, Washing Machines and other home appliances. The 2000s saw the arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy cell phone arrangement in the international market. In this era, which rapidly turned into the organization’s most-lauded item as well as often as possible beat yearly arrangements of the top of the line cell phones on the planet. Since 2006, the organization has been the top-selling worldwide maker of TVs. Starting in 2010, the Galaxy arrangement extended to tablet PCs with the presentation of the Galaxy Tab.Note 10

Price Of Samsung Equipments:

The price of Samsung equipment ranges variedly. With the development in technology their prices also get exceeded. There are different price rates for different types of equipment. As it is a multinational company, so most of their products’ prices are in Dollars. Now if we talk about their mobile phones. The price of S10e is 550$ and the price of S10 is 699$

Other equipment like LEDs has a sufficient price for mobiles. The most selling LED  Samsung-55NU7100 – 55 Inch 4Ksmart- LED Tv – Black has a price of 891$. The other one Samsung MU7000 – 4K UHD Smart TV – 65 – Black” has a price of $1352 that is quite costly than others.


Samsung produces world-class mobiles and they export it all over the world. They have amazing screens and unique in their designs. It has A J and S series, that display size ranges from 2-6.9 inches. They have TFT, Super AMOLED, Dual Edge Super AMOLED display technology. Their Internal memory ranges from 4GB to 256GB that is installed in Note 10+. Their cameras differ from other mobile phones that range from 4.9 MP to 24MP.  Samsung mobiles also have some special features like HD display, Edge Display, Hd Video Recording, Wireless Charging, Fingerprint Scanner, Gear VR compatible, and Dual SIM. These amazing features differ Samsung Mobiles from others and give a tough time to its competitors.Samsung Electronics

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