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Technology is the word that derives from two Greek words Tech means art, skill, craft, or means by which a thing is gained. Logos means word, the utterance by which inward thinking is express, a saying, or an expression. Technology is evolving. New Technology arises with time. Trending Tech news is now the headline of every newspaper.

With the advancement in the field of science and technology, you can see things are changing and new technology will come. The new technology has some new advancements and changes in its size.

Technology is enhancing over time like you can see there is a huge advancement in the field of telecommunication and that is 5G technology. In the field of Artificial Intelligence, a greater advancement has been watched out.

Advancement in Technology:

You have also seen those big companies like Apple has made a system that has some functionality that makes things easier. Its new generated system i.e. Mac Book Pro has a cost of almost $52000. Also, you will see that Amazon the biggest ever company that changes the world is giving a storage service and you will find it on These are all very big achievements in the field of technology that wonders the men that what they can do. Also, it has some other features that are about security, identity, networking, and many others.

Changes in Hardware:

With the change in softwares, you can also see a great variation in hardware as well. Like you can see the hardware chips are getting more smaller than the previous one. Intel a big company changes hardware requirements for making it more easier. While Intel has issued patches to lessen the damage of exploits and make them harder. Security firm Positive Technologies said the mitigations may not be enough to fully protect systems, ArsTechnica reported on Friday.

Also, you can see a great modification in mobile phones or smartphones also. Smartphones have evolved all around the world. Like you can see Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei mobiles change the world.

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