How to Turn Off Auto App Updates in the Google Play Store

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The Applications or Games that we install from Google Play are updated occasionally. Yes, updating is not a bad thing, but it does notice quite a bit of improvement in the performance of applications. However, for those who only use data on cellular networks, this automatic update is quite annoying. Because it costs a lot of data. So, here is a way to Turn Off Auto App Updates in the Google Play Store

You know very well about the data services of our country’s cellular networks! Anyway, this auto-update problem can be solved very easily.

Here is way to Turn of Auto Updates.

Turn Off Auto App Updates in the Google Play Store:

Let’s learn the procedure.

1: Auto-update shutdown mechanism 

  • Open Google Play and tap Settings in the navigation drawer.
  • Then tap the Auto-update apps option.
  • In the pop-up window, you will get 5 options, select the first one. 

Diameter, from now on you will no longer have to update your smartphone applications, you will need to update them manually if any updates are needed.

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2: Manually Updating Applications 

  • To manually update the applications, you must first open the navigation drawer from Google Play.
  • In the navigation drawer, under My Apps & Games, under My Apps & Games, select.
  • From here, you can update all your applications at once or update applications one at a time.

Note! Those of you who use data on cellular networks can stop this auto-update and save some data; Later, after updating all applications in the Wi-Fi network. 


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