What is 5G Technology

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With the vast changes occur in technology, there is also a need to increase their speed. Today everyone wants to travel as fast as he can. Many use Planes, high-speed trains, and fast-moving vehicles to travel from one place to another. 5G Technology is the most fastest ioT based internet that has changed the world.

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It will take a much larger role than previous generations.

As you know about other generations of network likes 1G(delivered analog voice) 2G (delivered digital voice) 3G (brought cellular data) 4G (ushered in the era of mobile Internet.) and now is the era of 5G network.

5G is much stronger and more powerful than other networks like if the speed of 4G is 100Mbps than 5G speed is 500Mbps to 10000Mbps. This is very high-speed 5G is not only the speed of the network but it also affects latency and cost.

Specification and Requirments of 5G Technology:

5G technology has so much specification that it can not be in a single article it will need a separate article for this. But we will discuss here a few:

  • So fast speed that is up to 10* 100 times much stronger than 4G LTE.
  • 1-millisecond latency
  • The bandwidth is *1000 per unit area.
  • 100% coverage
  • 100% availability
  • 90% reduction in network energy usage
  • Up to 10-year battery life for low power IoT device

Where will it Launched?

The U.S is the first country that will provide 5G network at the start of April 2019, making it the first globally to offer the next-generation network. The company named Verizon has planned to  launch 5G in different cites by the end of 2019. They will start from Chicago and reaching Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, and filtering to smaller cities like Memphis, Columbus, and Grand Rapids. It’s planning even more in 2020, unsurprisingly.

Also other companies like LG V50 ThinQ 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, and three Motorola phones (Moto Z4, Moto Z3, Moto Z2 Force) new branded mobile provide 5G network.

5G Use Cases:

A massive change that come in this new era is 5G network technology. The “perception” of speed, instantaneous response time and performance for IoT will become a reality.  Defining capability of 5G is also the design for forward compatibility, the ability to flexibly support future services that are unknown today.

  • The new 5G NR air interface presents numerous central remote innovations, and as we would like to think, the main five are:
  • Versatile OFDM numerology with 2n scaling of subcarrier dividing
  • Adaptable, dynamic, independent TDD subframe plan
  • Progressed, adaptable LDPC channel coding
  • Progressed huge MIMO reception apparatus innovations
  • Propelled range sharing methods

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