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Welcome to How To Print From Your iPhone!  We hope to provide a resource for all things related to iPhone printing whether it be basic tutorials, services or product reviews.  We’ll focus not just on how to print at home from your iPhone, but tips for using a professional printer to print your iPhone photos along with information on iPhone photo apps.  Please note this page provides a fairly basic outline for further research, while specific articles will get more detailed.


Use An App! 

Hey it’s a mobile device, so it goes without saying that the easiest way to print from your iPhone or iPad is to use an app particularly if you don’t have an AirPrint enabled printer (see below)!  There are quite a few iPhone and iPad printing apps that will allow you to print easily.  You basically have two choices – use a free app for your specific brand of printer or pay up a little to get an all in one solution.


this is perhaps the easiest way to print from your iPhone or an IOS device for that matter including iPad, not most people at this point in time will find that their printer doesn’t have AirPrint.

Don’t want to use an app and don’t have an AirPrint printer? 

There are some solutions out there, that will install a program on your Mac or PC.  They are often called AirPrint activators.   Add an AirPrint activator program to a Mac that is connected to your printer.  If you’re on a PC, give this AirPrint Activator a try.  Collabos offers a $19.95 program called FingerPrint that works on a Mac or a PC and will also allow you to send a digital copy to Dropbox or Evernote.

Printing via Email  

If all this app, AirPrint and AirPrint activator business is making your head spin and throwing you to the edge of insanity which could leave you dangerously close to participating in a good ‘ol fashioned computer toss, there is yet another option in your arsenal.  The one caveat is that this option is likely only available on a new printer produced in the past year or so, but HP and Epson have a Print to Email option.  Each printer comes with a unique email address (or allows you to change it) and when you send any document or picture to that email (even with your mobile phone), it will print it out wirelessly.  Pretty slick.  Kind of makes you want to upgrade your printer doesn’t it?

This Epson WorkForce inkjet from Amazon is highly rated, reasonably priced and does it all – AirPrint, Email Print and even supports WiFi Direct which we get into here.  It will have more bells and whistles and allow to print using more options than the printer above.

Get a printer with an iPhone docking station. 

This is something we don’t really recommend since there isn’t a great reason to have a separate reason for your iPhone, but if it’s something you’d use a lot then go for it.  You’ll fine the one below at Amazon for a bit over $200 and it works with Android devices as well.


Find a professional printer for your iPhone photos!  In the past year or so there has been an explosion of professional printing services offering iPhone prints often integrated with Instagram.  Why stop at just prints!  There are services that will create gallery quality art, pillows, mugs, t-shirts, tiles, postcards, stickers and coasters from your iPhone photos.  We’ll get into a list of these services below, but before we begin it’s important to have a discussion about print quality.  See full list of iPhone Instagram printing services here.

Importance of Print Quality

If you’re looking to have prints done from your iPhone photos then you’ll want to pay attention to quality.  Resolution matters.  Period.  Here’s the dirty little secret that nobody is mentioning about all these Instagram integrated print services…

If the service you are using allows you to upload an image directly from your Instagram account, you are only getting a resolution of 612×612.  That is the limitation of the Instagram API, not the print service.  Sure, it’s slick, it’s easy, it’s cool, but for creating beautiful prints it is FAR from ideal.

Checkout tips on achieving the best resolution for your iPhone photos and getting them to your professional printer of choice.

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